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Norwegian Financial Mechanism

Norwegian Financial Mechanism, or Norway Grants, is a form of non-returnable foreign aid provided by Norway to Member States of the European Union. The primary objective of Norway Grants is to bridge economic and social gaps and to foster bilateral relations between Norway and its support beneficiaries. The funds provided by benefactors for 2009-2014 are to be allocated on the basis of international agreements, including Memorandums of Understanding. In return for its financial support, Norway benefits from access to the internal market of the European Union (although it is not a Member State). Currently, the second edition of the programme is being implemented (2009-2014).

The main objectives of this support are to bridge economic and social gaps within the European Economic Community, to support the new Member States of the EU in its internal market and to foster bilateral cooperation. These grants are available to all public and private sector institutions and NGOs in beneficiary Member States.

The programme entitled "Strengthening Schengen Cooperation and Combating Cross-Border and Organised Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Groups” is to increase the safety of citizens by improving cooperation in organised crime combating (including human trafficking) between the law enforcement agencies of Member States in the Schengen Area. The programme is being implemented by the Department of International Cooperation and European Funds, the Ministry of the Interior.


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