Bezpieczna Szkoła w strefie Szengen


During a two-day seminar, the representatives of the Lublin City Office, project partners, school head teachers and invited experts discussed how to put into practice some procedures specifying behaviour recommended in situations where the safety of individuals who are at school premises is at risk.

The debate considered such issues as behaviour in various risk situations, such as fire, dangerous gas release, armed intruder, bomb threats, counteracting human trafficking, and air traffic risks to children and teenagers. Representatives of the police, municipal guard, fire brigade, and other experts, advised the participants on how to warn about risks, mitigate consequences and prepare children and teenagers for hazardous situations. The last issue was considered particularly in the context of disabled people.

A variety of points of view regarding reactions to risks were presented by headpersons of primary and lower secondary schools, large school complexes, special needs schools, schools for the disabled and preschools.

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