Bezpieczna Szkoła w strefie Szengen

Training seminar

On 15 and 16 October in Kazimierz Dolny, a training seminar was held concerning the important question of children’s and young people’s safety. Among the issues addressed during the training were human trafficking, designer drugs and threats from terrorism.


The lecture and workshop on the topic of human trafficking were conducted by Stana Buchowska, PhD, of the La Strada Foundation. Ms Buchowska drew attention to the dangers that can threaten children and young people, and explained how to counter them. The issue of designer drugs was discussed by Ireneusz Siudem, PhD, Chairman of the Nowa Kuźnia Society, whereas a lecture on cyberviolence was held by Agata Błachnio, PhD, of the Department of Emotion and Motivation Psychology of the Catholic University of Lublin. A presentation entitled 'Security in Poland in terms of the contemporary terrorist threats' was made by Mr Rafał Biernacki.


Moreover, the meeting participants also discussed the question of safety procedures in the event of an act of a terrorist nature on educational establishments.


The training participants included the representatives of the Project Leader and Project Partners, the Crisis Intervention Centre in Lublin, and also the head teachers of schools and educational establishments in Lublin.

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